1 weekbefore 29/629/6-6/76-13/713-20/720-27/727/7-3/83-10/810-17/817-24/824-31/8from 31/8
Two rooms 2 beds400450490540570620750850800590400
Two rooms 2 beds + veranda
Two rooms 4 beds
Two rooms 4 beds + veranda530590690770800890105012501120850530
Three rooms 6 beds63069079088092010501250149013301000630
Four rooms 8 beds + ter / Large 3 rooms 9 beds + ter85095010901200125014701750199018201400850
Four rooms 10 beds with courtyard and portico.930105011901330139016301930219019901550930


2 weeksbefore 29/622/6-6/729/6-13/76-20/713-27/720/7-3/827/7-10/83-17/810-24/817-31/824/8-7/9from 31/8
Two rooms 2 beds67072081087094010201180135014301200860670
Two rooms 2 beds + veranda
Two rooms 4 beds
Two rooms 4 beds + veranda880940113012301330144016601960205017001200880
Three rooms 6 beds104011001310140015301700198023402450203014001040
Four rooms 8 beds + ter. / Large 3 rooms 9 beds + ter138014801780192020702320278031903300280019301380
Four rooms 10 beds with courtyard and portico.150016201950212023302590309035303650313021201500

3 weeksbefore 29/615/6-6/722/6-13/729/6-20/76-27/713/7-3/820/7-10/827/7-17/83-24/810-31/817/8-7/924/8-14/9from 31/8
Two rooms 2 beds9409901080119012701380157017801930183014701130940
Two rooms 2 beds + veranda
Two rooms 4 beds
Two rooms 4 beds + veranda1230129014801620179019602200258027602630205015501230
Three rooms 6 beds1450150017201870205023002600307033003150244018001450
Four rooms 8 beds + ter. / Large 3 rooms 9 beds + ter1900200023002550279031203630422045004280333024601900
Four rooms 10 beds with courtyard and portico.2070219025202820312034904050469049804780370026902070


4 weeksbefore 29/68/6-6/715/6-13/722/6-20/7 29/6-27/76/7-3/813/7-10/820/7-17/827/7-24/83-31/810/8-7/917/8-14/924/8-21/9from 31/8
Two rooms 2 beds12001260135014601590170019302170236023302100174014001200
Two rooms 2 beds + veranda
Two rooms 4 beds
Two rooms 4 beds + veranda15801640183019702180242027203120338033402980240019001580
Three rooms 6 beds18601900213022802520282032003690403040003560285022201860
Four rooms 8 beds + ter / Large 3 rooms 9 beds + ter24302530283030803420384044305070553054804800386029802430
Four rooms 10 beds with courtyard and portico.26402760309033903820428049505650614061005350427032602640


Each stay starts on Saturday after 16:00h and ends on a following Saturday before 10:00 a.m.
It may be possible to book Sunday to Sunday stays starting and ending at the same times as above
Reductions on bookings of two or more weeks.
Should customers require a booking starting on different days, every effort will be made to comply with the request, but this will depend on availability.
Prices include water, electricity and gas consumption, use of kitchen equipment, air conditioning, color TV, washing machine, Internet Wi-Fi, cleaning of the apartment at the end of the stay and car park.
Guests may bring their own bed and bath linen or hire a set of each for € 10 per person per set. If guests wish to hire a set of only bed linen or only bath linen, they may do so for € 5 per person per set.
Method of payment: deposit of 30% of the total rent at the time of booking; the balance must be paid on arrival.
City tax: € 1,50 per person, per night, for the first 15 nights, except for children under 12 years.